February 2017

The Evergreen State College

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Featured Gallery Artist: Emily L. R. Adams

“For the student, the knowledge to be learned is comprehensive, experiential, experimental, technical, and gratifying. This well-rounded exploration of the arts is unique at Evergreen because the student has the opportunity to experience a variety of artistic avenues and then focus on a specific area in an ILC that in turn can lead to a career in the arts or creative practices.”

Emily L. R. Adams is the Printmaking Instruction & Support Technician 2 and has been a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Evergreen. Her piece Looking Glass is currently on display in Evergreen Gallery’s faculty/staff exhibition, Statements & Questions. Her work is about the depiction of women posing for commercial pin-up photography during a time when work for women was not as prevalent or supported. “Additionally, these former serving vessels have now become a frame around the photographic image, suggesting objectification of the women.”

Emily believes the resources at Evergreen are the best that you’ll find. “I spend most of my time in the printmaking studio; here the facilities are top notch. This is a non-toxic studio with low impact on the environment, and the equipment is professional quality.”

Emily sees herself as very fortunate to work with such highly skilled teaching professionals and talented artists at Evergreen. “One of my main goals is to impress upon others the capabilities that we all have to influence our own lives and communities.” She shares her experiences with others and finds it not only rewarding, but also eye opening as an artist. “Making art can have a great impact on the immediate experience and ultimately extending to larger groups of people and mentalities.”

Statements & Questions: Select Works of Faculty and Staff Of The Evergreen State College now showing until March 8th, 2017 in The Evergreen Gallery.

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