Louisville Arts Review

(August 21, 2011)

A look at a new underground art movement happening in Louisville

Credit: Mary Margaret Sparks


The Undertow Art Show is intended to be an annual event with the same name. Each year there will be a different theme. I plan to keep the theme of each show intentionally edgy; revolving around social, political and environmental issues. There’s no better way to raise awareness on a particular topic, than to stir up a healthy amount of controversy. My hope is to provide a platform where an open dialogue can exist between artist and community. I am passionate about this because I believe that being able to voice opinions and concerns is one step towards the potential for positive change.

You refer to this as a movement, I love it! That really carries more weight to the intention of this group show. It’s important to bring together “underground” artists and “underdog” organizations to make a stronger, louder voice heard.

One key element of the Undertow movement is the incentive to bring attention to different groups and organizations that are already making a difference in society. From each show a percentage of money from art sales will be donated to a non-profit that makes a positive impact on the way we live. Undertow 2011 focused on donating a portion of proceeds to Planned Parenthood of Indiana. We raised $457 for their cause!

Some info about myself; I have a BFA in Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design (2005). I majored in Printmaking and Photography with a minor in Art History. I’m currently considering graduate school to expand my experience and pursue a career in curatorial studies.

The Undertow Art Show

(July 2011)

A benefit for Planned Parenthood of Indiana: 16 artists, 5 bands, local New Albanian Brewing Co. and a lot of wonderful people.

We successfully raised $457 in donations!

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