Looking Glass

Through selective arrangement of found object and image, this installation consists of 25 different serving-wares that have been modified to present images of women posing either in the nude or scantily clad attire. These images depict women posing for commercial pin-up photography during a time when work for women was not as prevalent or supported. Additionally, these former serving vessels have now become a frame around the photographic image, suggesting objectification of the women. These vessels hang vertically, once again removing from the intended use of holding food or fine goods, therefore diminishing the intended functionality. The display is against a deep black background of wood that has been treated with a traditional Japanese method, called shou sugi ban, the texture is dark and has a weathered, charred texture. Intending to draw the viewer in for a closer look, the combination of materials and the intrigue of the naturally occurring tarnish, this work serves as a window into the past and a place for contemplation on the present.

  • Title: Looking Glass
  • Medium: Serving-ware, photo decal, woods, fabric
  • Dimensions: 4x8’, dimensions variable
  • Date: 2017




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