Integral Heirloom

Images of pin-up models from the 1920's and 1930's adorn multiple serving-ware pieces. These particular images have been chosen for their implied quality of the sitter’s confidence and self-righteous spirit. Although intended for the male gaze, the women depicted show a strong sense of freedom and comfort with their own sensuality.
The combination of image and object reveal complexities of layered meaning and metaphor. The motivation behind this work is to illustrate the perceived vulnerability of a woman by the viewer's objectification. A woman's autonomy in life is influenced by her ability to navigate stressful societal structures; this begs the question of how free one really is. The resilience and drive to make a better life for oneself may lead to circumstances that challenge personal integrity, yet, ultimately support their happiness. 
The reflective nature of the serving-ware is symbolic of a mirror, asking the viewer to consider their own role as a voyeur. Taking a moment to look back and reflect upon the female nude in history just might empower a new perception of the role of women today.
  • Title: Integral Heirloom
  • Medium: Serving Ware, Lazertran
  • Dimensions: 6x14'
  • Date: 2014
Copyright © 2020 Emily L. R. Adams