Dying To Be Free

Everything has a life span; as humans we are part of a larger system that was put into place by others long before us. If we can cultivate awareness of circumstance, we will be more likely to instill change to the community mindset and improve the relatively short lifespan as individuals.This exhibition contextualizes stereotypical western ideals within a projected understanding of ultimate demise.
From a range of political, religious, and materialistic cultural values, each of the seven giclee prints represent a lifestyle or "sin" that should also be viewed as a figurative category of culture that is somewhat confining or restrictive. These categories are not meant to be exclusive to any specific person. These images are meant to serve as an idea towards instances where our personal resolve or freedom within societal norms, cultural expectations, or religious pressures is compromised.
What we sacrifice to live free may cost more than we intend. In this case the question must be asked, does freedom truly exist, and if so where?
  • Title: Dying to Be Free
  • Medium: Screen Print, Wood, Canvas, Giclee Print
  • Dimensions: Print 24x36" Panel 8x14'
  • Date: 2014
Copyright © 2020 Emily L. R. Adams